Let me live!

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

It doesn’t take me much
to slide down
a soppy, maudlin slippery slope -
a few lines of Neruda
a tender moment shared
a gesture of love
a fleeting scene of a train leaving the platform, is all it takes -
a gamut of emotions surge through me
of pain, love, sorrow
of fury, elation and thrill -
utterly, extremely
akin to eating a peach, with skin and all
relishing every bite of the juicy fruit
my heart rapturous
mind, lucid

The wise counsel
to be in control
be untouched by events and energy
surrounding you -
‘be like the lotus yet let not the dirt touch you’ , I’ve been taught
but to be able to experience
a full spectrum of feelings in entirety
to have loved and lost and love again
to have stumbled and fallen and rise again
to have wept and laughed and crumble again
to pour every breath I take
into every waking moment of my life –
before my body shrivels and mind is a blur

let me live
let me live
let me live

Author (Escape Routes/anthology of short-stories, available on Amazon). Jewellery designer and entrepreneur. Poetess . Seeker. Spiritually inclined.

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